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What we offer...

Geo-Informatics (GIS)

Working locally and regionally, in with all sectors, to provide innovative solutions by leveraging geographic (location-based) data, through GIS consultancy, solution development and support Services; to assist in meeting your business objectives with efficiency and problem solving, using the spatial bounds of your data.


With over 11 acres of very fertile agriculture lands, GYSFYN is keen in promoting the 'Grow what you Eat and Eat what you Grow' principle.

Additionally, GYSFYN will engage the fisher-folks by providing a market for their catch in creating added value products, through processing and packaging of their large variety of local fishes.

Risk Management

GYSFYN offers consultancy services in hazard assessment and risk identification, risk analysis and risk treatment advice for both strategic and operational projects across the various business sectors.

Business Continuity Planning is an important component of business risk reslilence development for any company.


Information Technology

GYSFYN commits to promoting the use of technology. Assessing, advising, training, procuring and maintaining data and information devices and equipment. We also specialise in customised ID cards both for identification and security purposes.

Fleet Management with both software development and Automatic Vehicle Location.

Vehicle On Demand Easy Rider


Coming Soon.......


Your reliable and cost effective taxi service

Advantage Auto Protection Club

Our customers are offered varying attractive automotive protection plans that will provide for mechanical and electrical protection. AAPClub guarantees excellent customer service, prompt claim settlement and members' care programs that will ensure that your vehicle remains road worthy, giving you a peace of mind.